John Thurmond

John holds an Associates Degree in General Science From Richland Community College and has education in nutritional sciences from Texas Christian University.

John Thurmond holds multiple certifications from the world renowned Cooper Clinic in Dallas Texas, including certification as a Personalized Fitness Specialist, certification in Biomechanics of Resistance Training, as well as certification in Optimal Performance for Competitive Athletes.

John is an accomplished athlete who has run many long distance events including the 2008 Cowtown Half Marathon, the 2008 Big D Texas Marathon, and the 31 mile Cowtown Ultra-marathon where he placed third in his class. In May of 2009 he participated in his longest race, the Key West Ultra-marathon 50 mile race. He's currently training for the 2009 Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonion Texas, as well as the 2010 Cowtown Ultra-marathon.

In addition to running, John is an accomplished boxer and wrestler.